Construction of residential buildings

Construction Era, UAB has 10 years of experience in the construction sector, which enables the Company to understand the customer’s needs and implement even the most complex projects. Thanks to comprehensive experience, we know how to manage residential construction processes and the related costs in a professional manner.


Nowadays, the concept of a buyer has changed, as to pose a single requirement comprised of a certain number of square meters when buying housing is no longer sufficient. Today, the requirements concerning residential houses are high. The house has to be of a high quality, innovative, and have high energy efficiency and an exceptional appearance.


The construction of every house starts with planning. During regular meetings, we discuss your vision and develop the design. It is only after a careful assessment of the relevant design that we will be able to determine the exact price and terms of the construction of your house. The technical supervisor of Construction Era will take care of the entire construction process, ensure the proper performance of works, and help to obtain permits and the necessary documents.


Before starting the installation of the foundation, the geological survey of the land plot is carried out and the building loads of the future house are calculated. After conducting the survey and analysing the design of the house, all the required foundation parameters necessary to ensure the safety and stability of the building are determined. All work is carried out only after a clear and detailed work plan has been developed and the estimate has been agreed on with the customer.

The next step is installing the foundation. The durability, warmth and even appearance of your house depends on the foundation. Usually, the type of foundation is selected based on the characteristics of the future house.


  • Strip foundations are an economical option for those who plan to have a basement. The foundations are installed using foundation blocks. However, if the future house is lightweight and the soil properties are good, strip foundations will not be effective. In this case, a bored piling foundation will suffice, which will be a cheaper and more efficient option.


  • Pile foundations are among the most popular. They are usually installed in the construction of individual houses, and especially frame houses. Bored piling foundations are recommended when building a frame or log house. This is quite an economical option, as it does not require massive earthworks, however, in this case you will not have a basement. Although being a cheaper option, such a foundation requires more maintenance than a strip foundation.


  • Even if pad foundations are a more expensive option than the ones mentioned above, such a foundation is the optimal solution when building energy-efficient houses. Not all land plots are suitable for installing pad foundations, and pile foundations are a great alternative in such a case. Our professional designers will select the most economical solution that suits your needs best.

The team of Construction Era builds frame, brickwork, blockwork, and monolithic residential houses with partial and full finishing. We can offer turnkey house solutions.


When building new housing, the A, A+ and A++ class houses have already become a standard choice. Class A houses are warm, durable, easy to maintain and comfortable. This is a great investment because such a house will require less maintenance, will use less energy and will save you a considerable amount of money.


Once the house is built, we will take care of its surroundings: paving, fencing, landscaping, installation of storm water management systems, and so on. The extensive experience of the professional staff of the Company enables creating an environment ensuring your well-being and comfort.