Installation and dismantling of scaffolding

Construction Era, UAB provides scaffolding installation and dismantling services on various sites.


Installation of scaffolding is a complex job that requires special knowledge and experience. Our specialists are proficient in their job, so they can easily and safely install scaffolding systems in the place where you need them.


The main goal of the Company is to provide the customer with the highest quality service and to meet customer’s needs.


Our team’s strength is experienced and responsible people working together.


Complex projects involve a great variety of aspects, which may cause certain ambiguities. Our project management team is characterised by a precise but flexible turn of mind, as well as has the skills and insights required to perform the most complex tasks safely and efficiently.


Our major focus is safety and quality. A satisfied and happy customer is the main goal of the Company. We pay special attention to the quality of the work performed and supervise each phase, applying the most innovative solutions.

Our Company offers:


  • Professional installation and dismantling of scaffolding of any complexity and type of configuration on various sites.
  • Compliance with construction safety rules and regulations during installation and dismantling of scaffolding.
  • Ensuring high quality additional services (quick installation, garbage collection, etc.).
  • Professional and fast service, continuous communication, motivated professional specialists with many years of work experience in the field of scaffolding installation and dismantling.


Extensive experience, continuous improvement and hundreds of satisfied customers have helped us to become a reliable leader in this field both in Lithuania and abroad.